What to expect?

Foreign language study at an early age leads to improved academic performance in all subjects, improves a student's ability to focus, and provides priceless opportunities to study foreign cultures and work abroad. Invest in your child(ren) today! Our French class for kids is HIGHLY engaging and interactive. After registration, your child will be assigned to their proper age group. The class requires for kids to immerse in French at home, watching the assigned French cartoons throughout the week.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Week 1

    • Greetings and Phrases

    • Audio Greetings practice

    • French Alphabets

    • Audio- Alphabet Pronunciation

    • French Alphabet and Pronunciation

    • Alphabet booklet

    • Listening and Speaking skills

    • Greetings Practice Worksheet

    • French Cartoons

  • 2

    Class 2

    • Conversational Practice

    • Audio- Listening Practice

    • Writing excercises and Vocabulary

    • Audio- Listening Practice

    • French Greetings Practice

    • Language Building

    • French Cartoons

  • 3

    Week 3

    • Dates and Seasons

    • Concept of Time

    • Audio Practice - Oral training

    • Geography: Seasons

    • The calendar: Day, Month, Year and Season

  • 4

    Class 4

    • Animals

    • Animal Vocabulary

    • Names of pets

    • Exercise: Farm Animals

    • Worksheet: Animal vocabulary

  • 5

    Week 5

    • Introduction to Family Vocabulary

    • French Cartoons

    • French Colors

    • French Color Coloring Sheet Practice

    • French Color Coloring Sheet Practice


Senior Instructor

Chrissy Rocha

Bonjour! My name is Chrissy Rocha Fall. Co-owner of Makaya Travel Tours in Senegal. I have been teaching communicative approach for over 15 years. I lived in France for 3 years and taught Portuguese, French and Spanish to children and adults as well. I have more than 15 years in teaching language skills. My teaching style consists of phonetics, cultural context, and dialect.